Series & Exposition

In deze reeks leg ik samen met Hugo Emmerzael Nederlandse filmacteurs onder de loep. "Wat is de unieke kwaliteit van de Schouw/Speler". No Script / No Scenario
2023 / 2024
Silver Camera Award
“WATCHING THE PARADE” I was awarded with Zilveren Camera / Paul Peters Award / 2nd place for Social Photography. Very proud that my series was selected out of 640 competitors.
Faces In Stone
"FACES IN STONE" Zagoria and Northern Albania is are still wild and still reasonably unspoiled areas. Unfortunately the traditional lifestyle of the People there is disappearing very fast. This collection features the people of the villages around Vikos gorge in Zagori and nearby mountains. During the last ten years they have participated in an ethnographic research focusing on their relationship with their land and with nature done by Dr. Kalliopi Stara, Cultural Ecologist.
Exposition:Photomuseum of Monodendri / Greece
De Schötterie
MARKSMEN OF THE PRESENT The Limburgian Shooting Club Festivals. I have grown up with these events and their cultural roll in society and all the aspects that come with it, have always fascinated me. I this series I want to take a look to show which role the marksmen, guilds and fraternities play in local culture in today’s society and show their history and events. I am visiting a lot of small local events in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Right in the thick of the action.
A work in progress
"UNAUTHORIZED" "Stuck in Greece". This reportage shows the living conditions of the unauthorized immigrants,traveling into Western-Europe via Greece.
Exposition: Photometria Photo-festival / Greece
Bed, Bad & Brood
á BED, á BATH & some BREAD A series of portrait of Asylum seekers in the Netherlands who have exhausted all legal remedies. The local government provides them with a bed, a bath and bread
Shapes in White
I devised a concept for their ZOO2 Calendar and developed this project. The result was a calendar in which 52 international holidays & anniversaries were central.
"Mit de Papleapel"
"MIT DE PAPLEAPEL" How "The Maastricht Carneval" is impregnated in the soul at a very young age.
Arrival of the Boats
When the Greek sailing rental Compagny "Sailing Hollidays" bought new boats, they asked me to make a reportage about the arrival of the boats in Corfu Harbour.
A small reportage about Gypsy musicians in Greece
TedX Amsterdam
Young Rugby Players
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