The label "Photographer" doesn't quite capture the breadth of my work.
 I specialize in showcasing personalities in their best light, overseeing large-scale projects, coordinating exhibitions, staging project documentations, scouting locations, and managing teams of video and photography professionals. 
I capture images of individuals ranging from ordinary folks to A-list celebrities.
 I've always been described as a true all-rounder with a keen eye for managing complex art, personality, and photography projects in their entirety.​​​​​​​

Portrait By : Hans Smals

Studio Adress : 
Surinamekade 11 
1019BH Amsterdam
the Netherlands
tel: +31(0)61606068

Route to my Studio

- what some people that I have photographed say about me -

Actually, I don‘t really like pictures of myself - just like many others.
But when I saw Andre‘s shots of me, I was overwhelmed and speechless
 … and that is saying something for me.

Michael G. Schmidt 
„Ich bin sooo happy mit den Magic Moments, that you have captured!
Sensationell gut!“
Yvette Reinberger.
I really think the pictures are sensationell !
You have captured me in a way, that is truly unbelievable.
It is a very rare combination between the right moment and/or my expressions.
My website is live now and I think it looks great. The pictures are a big part of it!
Thomas W. K
"I feel that you have captured me in a great way that represents me.
Thank's again for the great experience  and the way you edited the pictures.
The results could not have been better
Petra Escherich
Thanks Andre,
very much appreciated.
All the best & thanks for your thoroughness and professionalism.
Joe Kennedy
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